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Syahadat Cinta (2008)

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Iqbal never prays nor reads the Qu’ran. Finally he repents after he feels guilty for hurting his mother. He decides to attend the Kyai Siddiq religious school in Tegal Jadin. But for two months, he is only told to get water from a pond. Out of frustration, he vents his anger at the pond. Then he meets Aisyah, daughter of Kyai Subadar and granddaughter of Kyai Siddiq. Afraid that the Kyai will be angry with him, Iqbal runs away aimlessly. Then, he meets Pricilia, a kind Christian girl, who helps him find a place to stay. But Iqbal finally decides to stay at the house of Ms. Jamilah, a beggar living with her two children, Fatimah and Irsyad. In his journey to study Islam, Iqbal faces many challenges.

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Bahasa: Bahasa indonesia

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